Anyone who has ever enjoyed this wine will not soon forget it! An entire wine year lovingly captured in an aesthetically pleasing bottle, enchants the palate of every wine lover.

The “Es Fangar Elements” comes from the first red wine made by Es Fangar. The then Majorcan name “Cinque (5) Diferents” was a homage and a pun. “Five Different”, the literal translation, was an indication of the five different grape varieties that were processed in this wine.

Thanks to careful work in the vineyard and creativity in the winery, the wine has become increasingly refined and has a distinct structure that reflects the vineyard. It developed the idea to dedicate this extraordinary wine to the five elements and to give the name “Elements”. With this name began Europe-wide a conquest of the best wine markets. Today, the Es Fangar Elements is one of the big names among the Majorca wines and is especially appreciated by red wine connoisseurs.

The processed grapes are Callet, Manto Negro, Cabernet, Merlot and Syrah. New French oak barrels give the melt for the finest flavors. After 24 months of maturation comes the big moment of blending. Only after a careful taste test is the element bottled in its gentle designed bottles. And then he is put to sleep for at least 18 months in a quiet bottle store in a specially designated room.

Only after sufficient maturation and rest the Elements comes into the trade. If you want to check the progress of development over the years, you should open one bottle of one vintage over several years and record yearly the respective taste notes in a wine diary. Such a year-long tasting of one vintage will reveal many surprises. Once in your opinion the wine has its peak, this could be crowned with the enjoyment of opening a magnum bottle from this vintage. The comparison of the wine from the normal bottle to the magnum bottle may then become a revelation.

The Elements impresses with deep cherry red and violet play of colors. It combines expressively the essences of aromatic shrubs and juicy ripe fruits. A stately body combined with perfect freshness. Mysterious spice flavors led by the hint of black pepper, followed by an explosion of red fruits with softness and slightly smoky minerals. The element already gives a promise in the nose, what it holds on the palate: A powerful beginning with complex structure is followed by persistent spice paired with cherry flavors and a long finish.

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