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Es Fangar Vins

Our vineyards,
our territory

You can taste the essence of our land
in every single drop

At Es Fangar, nature and man work in harmony, creating grapes of exceptional quality for terroir wines with unique personality.

Our limestone-rich soil, with ideal drainage, is planted with the Mallorcan varieties of Prensal, Giro Blanc, Callet, Manto Negro, Gorgollossa and international varieties.

We produce world class wines by reflecting the landscape and the true flavours of the Mediterranean.

Our vineyards are surrounded by pure nature. You can experience the Taste of Es Fangar in our wines.
Winemaker Daniel Morales


The history of Es Fangar can be traced back to the 14th century. In the course of the re-cultivation of the old vineyards on Es Fangar, much attention was paid to the historical requirements of the original location of the vineyards and to the climatic and natural conditions.

Local grape varieties

Today Es Fangar has 56 hectares of vineyards. The oenologists pay special attention to the autochthonous grape varieties. The aim is to produce excellent wines of the highest international quality and enjoyment through research and care.

Diverse Terroir


Climate, soil, geographic positioning. That is what terroir means. Did you know? We obviously have a high diversity of what’s called terroir. A special microclimate between the hills with strong, cool winds. Our grapes love the breeze, just like you do at 40 degrees… The soil is a potent cocktail of delicious minerals which help our vines to produce powerful wines. Not for sissies, that’s for sure! And last but not least, the geography… who doesn’t just love Mallorca?!

Lunar Calendar


Just kidding! No, we are not weird, just a bit different! Have you watched the ocean move because of the moon? Lunar calendars date back to 8000 BC, so we can’t be that wrong! Working with the lunar calendar and the lunar phases tells us what steps to take in viticulture and winemaking, e.g. when we want to pamper and take care of our vineyards and wines to the absolute maximum. We love having the moon, the sun and the stars as our powerful allies.



The birds from our 400 ha nature reserve peck at the ripe grapes; the juice runs out and whole bunches would rot… usually. But at Es Fangar beehives are scattered throughout our grounds. The bees enjoy the sweet juice, hollowing out any punctured grapes and preventing them from moulding. We just looove our busy helpers!

Sustainable energy


We know, nearly everyone nowadays has a solar panel on their roof… but since we only do things all the way we installed over 620sqm to cover most of our energy usage . But our devotion for health does not stop there. Es Fangar has over 50 bikes for our team to keep the environment clean and us healthy. We looove being sporty!

In Mallorca? Come and visit us.

Wine tasting
More information

Wine tasting

Come over to our bodega in Felanitx and have a wine tasting. You can enjoy our wonderful wines together with some nice tapas.